Under The Waves key art.

Under The Waves

November 17, 2022

By: Patrick Perrault

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Under The Waves is a narrative-driven adventure title that is set in the North Sea in the techno-futuristic 1970s where strange events begin to unfold. As Stan, you're a professional diver that is struggling to overcome a life-changing loss while exploring caves, wrecks, and underwater plants in a special wetsuit. You'll also be able to collect materials and craft material to help Stan's expedition of self-discovery.

During Stan's explorations you'll ultimately be given a choice: to either succumb to the manifestations within Stan's mind and stay forever submerged in the North Sea's depths or find a way back to the surface and to the rest of his life. Will Stan reach the surface again? The choice is yours.

Under The Waves will become available on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles next year.