Strobophagia | Rave Horror

Game Info

Release Date
October 28, 2020
PC, Mac
One Time Purchase
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Strobophagia is an eerie, neon-filled rave party gone wrong by indie developer Green Tile Digital. 

You decide to go to the Headless Rave Festival, and enjoy a night of dancing and techno sounds, but the festival becomes a trap for its ravers, who are slowly killed one by one by the organizers. Players need to maintain their grip on reality as the twisted logic of the world begins to crumble around you, as you desperately search for an escape before you succumb to the evil creatures within the forest. Solve puzzles, and try to survive in this classic survival horror game with a psychedelic rave lens on top, even rescue  other attendees as the night gets more dangerous.

Strobophagia is only available for the PC and Mac systems.