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Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy title where the world beckons. You'll be able to explore a wide variety of maps with many enemies to choose from and valuable loot to claim. In order to do so four factions can be chosen from: Arelon, Rasna, Loth, and Barya. Arelon are knights of old battling one another for dominance, Rasna are ancient tribes trying to survive in the swamp, Loth are necromancers raising the dead, and Barya are both mercenaries and inventors that heavily focus on gunpowder, coin, and independence.

There will be two campaigns to complete, an in-game level editor that has features the same toolset that the developers used to make the game, and online or local multiplayer where you and your friends can see who the top dog is.

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A classic turn-based strategy adventure that fuses RPG, armed conflict and kingdom management. Raise mighty armies, wield ancient magic and conquer distant lands to build an empire that bards will sing about for centuries!