Rocket Arena

Game Info

Electronic Arts
Release Date
April 14, 2020
Multiplayer modes
Online, Online Features
Cosmetic DLC

Take over one of several fantastic heroes, each with their own personalities and backstories in the fun-fueled 3 v 3 battler, Rocket Arena.  

Similar to other arena battlers such as Apex Legends, Rocket Arena features tons of action and explosions with full movement around the whole arena. Learn how to use your rockets strategically, from timing your dodges and jumps, using unique gadgets like trip mines and rocket magnets, and change the course of combat around you. 

Your characters are not just static either, they evolve over time as well! Earn experience, unlock rocket parts and other items, and even customize your look to your liking to make your Rocket Arena experience all your own.

Rocket Arena will be released on July 14th, and will feature cross play between the PC versions on Steam and EA Origin, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.