Ring of Pain

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Twice Different
Humble Bundle
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Ring of Pain is a dungeon crawl in a card game!

A roguelike card game, levels are generated randomly from decks of cards and arranged in a ring. Build your decks with the items you need, but choose wisely as you have a limit of what you can carry. Then, take the fight to your enemies as you strategize against enemy creatures. Creatures broadcast their reactions, so plan accordingly and position your cards correctly to win! 

Ring of Pain also contains a dark story, where you find yourself broken, frail and alone, before a creature called Owl becomes your guide.

Ring of Pain currently has a demo out now, and will be released on the PC later in 2020. 

Developer Quote
Ring of Pain is a roguelike / card game / dungeon crawler mashup. Levels are generated randomly from decks of cards, and arranged in a ring, which lets you observe the level and strategise.
As you interact with cards the dungeon dynamically adjusts based on what you're doing.