Paradise Killer

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Paradise Killer is a neon-noir open-world mystery game. There's been a murder on the regenerating island of Paradise, and only the exiled "investigation freak" Lady Love Dies can solve the crime. To do so, you'll need to get to know the myriad inhabitants of the island and work out which of them could have a motive for murder.

Gameplay-wise, Paradise Killer is a first-person open-world game that allows you to explore the extent of the island and find clues. Everyone's a suspect and anyone could have a motive, so it's up to you to gather enough evidence to accuse the right culprit.

Developer Quote
Paradise Island, a world outside reality. There’s been a murder that only "investigation freak" Lady Love Dies can solve. Gather evidence and interrogate suspects in this open world adventure. You can accuse anyone, but you’ll have to prove your case in trial to convict. It’s up to you to decide who’s guilty.