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November 18, 2019

By: Joseph Allen

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Paleo Pines is an antidote to all the games that task you with murdering dinosaurs. It's a friendly, serene social-style management sim in which you must tame and look after a ranch of adorable dinosaurs based on their real-life equivalents.

You can, of course, pet the dinos, but there's much more to discover as well. There's a whole town of people to befriend, as well as new lands to explore, all of which will contain exciting new dinosaurs to befriend. Work hard, love your dino friends, and build the best and most adorable dinosaur ranch the world has ever seen.

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Paleo Pines is a casual social/management sim where players can become dinosaur ranchers. In a wholesome, friendly environment, dozens of dinosaur species are befriended, cared for and ridden into the wild to search for more and expand the ranch.