Munchkin: Quacked Quest

Game Info

Asmodee Digital
Asmodee Digital
Release Date
November 19, 2019
Multiplayer modes
Co Op, Local
One Time Purchase

Munchkin: Quacked Quest is a dungeon crawler where you and up to four friends can work together to clear dungeons. Players will gather gold, throw friends and foes into sacrificial pits, collect ducks, and kill their enemies. Compete with your friends to get the best gear and items while surviving absurdly humorous situations.

Developer Quote
Dive into Munchkin: Quacked Quest and re-discover the parody, puns, and humor from the hit card game Munchkin by Steve Jackson. Gather gold, throw your foes (and friends) into sacrifice pits, collect ducks, eliminate the monsters—from reanimated skeletons to the Potted Plant and even the Plutonium Dragon—and reach the highest level to win the game! After all, there’s only one spot at the top and you just found a chainsaw…

Sometimes the enemy is next to you on the couch.