Little Dungeon Stories

Game Info

Release Date
December 6, 2019
One Time Purchase

Little Dungeon Stories is a roguelite with card-based mechanics. You play a lone adventurer who wanders in search of treasure. When you hear about a crypt that's stuffed to the brim with loot, you decide to adventure your way over there and take a look. Naturally, you discover a crypt full of monsters and traps. They must be hiding something good, right?

There are five different floors to the crypt, each with its own hazards to overcome. You'll also be able to unlock different character classes, weapons, and companions to assist you on your adventure. The Card Gallery will keep you informed about which cards you've unlocked and which ones you have yet to encounter. Master the dungeon and take your hard-earned loot!

Developer Quote
Little Dungeon Stories is a challenging roguelike card-based RPG. Enter the dungeon full of secrets, hostile monsters, deadly traps, and legendary loots. How long can you survive?