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Jimmy, but Fresh.
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Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Details

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Kasey Ozymy
Kasey Ozymy
Release Date
August 7, 2018

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is a turn-based RPG made in RPG Maker inspired by the Mother series.

Developer Quote

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is a Japanese-style RPG made by a guy from Texas. It was very much influenced by SNES-era jRPGs, particularly Earthbound, Final Fantasy 5, and the Breath of Fire series, among others. It was also heavily influenced by Yume Nikki.

The game takes place in the dream of an eight-year-old boy. When an alien entity appears and threatens his family and the stability of the dream world itself, Jimmy sets out on an adventure to save his family and eradicate the threat of the Pulsating Mass. Along the way, Jimmy will have to work with his family, confront his own shortcomings, and brave the creeping nightmares of his subconscious.