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The Flower Collectors

May 4, 2020

By: Joseph Allen

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Mi'pu'mi Games
Mi'pu'mi Games
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The Flower Collectors is a detective murder mystery from the same studio that brought you The Lion's Song. You play as Jorge, a retired police officer in a wheelchair. Jorge watches his city from his balcony, so when a murder occurs and he witnesses it, it's up to him to bring the perpetrator to justice. He teams up with young journalist Melinda to bring the crime to light.

Gameplay-wise, The Flower Collectors is fairly light on skill challenges. Instead, the game emphasizes narrative and world-building. You'll interrogate a cast of colorful characters and find out what makes the city of Barcelona in the 1970s tick. 

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Barcelona, 1977. An ex-cop in a wheelchair witnesses a murder, and teams up with a young ambitious journalist to bring the truth to light. With camera, binoculars and transmitter in hand, uncover the town’s secrets from your balcony in this soul-searching detective mystery.