Don't Forget Me

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Don't Forget Me (stylized as dont_forget_me) is a narrative adventure game that's all about memory. You are Fran, assistant to the irascible genius and "memory copyist" Bernard. When a unique client enters your clinic one day, you must set aside all you know in order to work for the greater good.

You'll be delving into clients' memories in Don't Forget Me, each of which is represented as a unique web of interconnected nodes. Each node reveals more information if you input the right keyword to interrogate. You must work through each web, try to avoid shutting memories down permanently, and get to the truth.

Developer Quote
Don't Forget Me is a narrative investigation game where you explore your clients' memories using keywords in order to protect their freedom. In this cyberpunk world, everyone's memories are at the heart of government conspiracies that only you will be able to foil.