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V1 Interactive
Release Date
June 16, 2020
Multiplayer modes
Online, Online Features

Jump onto a Gravcycle and take on the redeyes in Disintegration, a unique shooter that takes RTS-style squad combat and combines it with white knuckle FPS action. Guide Romer Shoal through twelve story missions full of cutscenes, character moments, and highly destructible environments. Or, jump online for three intense PVP online multiplayer modes where Gravcycle pilots pit armies against each other in the junkyards of this future world. Developed by some of the people behind the original Halo games, this Private Division release brings back shooters the way momma used to make.

Developer Quote
Disintegration is a sci-fi FPS combined with RTS elements. Pilot a heavily weaponized Gravcycle while commanding your troops on the ground as you battle through a thrilling single-player campaign and in frenetic PvP multiplayer.