Curse of the Dead Gods

Game Info

Passtech Games
Release Date
March 3, 2020
One Time Purchase

A roguelike dungeon crawler that combines the curses of Darkest Dungeon with the isometric combat of Hades and enough flame tech to impress the veterans of a million forum wars. Swing your torch, hope for a literal flaming shield, and descend further and further. Your only hope lies in ensuring the vile darkness consumes less of your soul than your own greed.

Developer Quote
Curse of the Dead Gods is full of fast-paced combat, intense challenges, and a variety of powerful weapons, treasures, abilities and bosses to master. Venture deep into accursed labyrinths of ever-changing pits, traps and monsters. Slay the false deities to collect gold, armaments and relics, but beware the corruption building inside you with each step forward — these curses promise great power, but demand a high price…