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Jeroen Wimmers
Jeroen Wimmers
Release Date
February 17, 2017

Circles is an experimental puzzle game for PC and Mac that utilizes only circles for its visuals and gameplay. It was developed by Jeroen Wimmers, who previously worked on 2015's Westerado: Double Barreled with Ostrich Banditos and Adult Swim Games. The game is controlled entirely by mouse movement through more than 90 levels that require both timing and strategy to complete. Circles features more than eight circle-based puzzle mechanics and four additional game modes to the main campaign for added challenge. The game is backed by a soft jazz soundtrack that is punctuated by dynamic percussion that reacts to the player's actions.

From the game's Steam page:


Circles is a unique, intuitive puzzle game where everything responds to your mouse.
It presents itself without any text and asks you to experiment.

By simply moving the cursor, you’ll uncover the underlying rules of each circle. According to the movements you make, they grow, shrink or move around the screen. Experiment and find your way to the end point to complete each level.

• 90 levels + extra challenges
• 4 unique modes for replayability

• Unique and intuitive gameplay
• Does not contain a single word
• Based completely on mouse movement
• Atmospheric and interactive music
• Lots and lots of circles"