Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Game Info

Release Date
March 20, 1997
One Time Purchase

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a classic non-linear 2D platformer. You are Alucard, dhampir son of Dracula. Alucard arrives at his father's castle in order to rid the world of its evil. Along the way, you'll do battle with Dracula's horrors and cross paths with legendary vampire hunter Richter Belmont.

Symphony of the Night is the game that gave the second half of "Metroidvania" its name. It's a sprawling exploration-based game full of secrets and upgrades to find. While it's not the first non-linear Castlevania, it's arguably the most iconic, giving rise to several successful sequels on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. The game has had several re-releases, hopping across generations and platforms.

Developer Quote
The legacy of evil returns... As a descendent of Dracula, you must end the vampire bloodline and rid the world of this unspeakable terror. Uncover the mystery of Castlevania and an adventure as legendary as its name in this classic.