Black Mesa

Game Info

Release Date
March 5, 2020
Multiplayer modes
Linux, PC
One Time Purchase

Black Mesa is a fan-made mod gone commercial that beautifully recreated the entirety of the original Half-Life in the Source engine.

The original Half-Life is well-regarded as one of the best first-person shooters out there, but it's long needed a proper remastered edition. Although fans had hoped Valve would do something with the debut of the Source Engine, it was a group of modders that made it happen.

These modders put the game together over the course of more than a decade, eventually releasing it on Steam as a commercial product. Now you can enjoy the original Half-Life experience with a shiny, new engine and modern graphics!

From the Black Mesa Steam Store page:

Developer Quote
You are Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist at the Black Mesa Research Facility. When a routine experiment goes horribly wrong, you must fight your way through an interdimensional alien invasion, and a bloodthirsty military clean-up crew in order to save the science team... and the world!

• Nineteen chapters of fighting through top-secret labs, running atop harsh desert landscapes, sneaking into abandoned railways, and leaping across dimensions
• Mind-Blowing graphics and effects, never before seen on the Source Engine
• Face off against an army of classic enemies, updated with new features and engaging AI
• Wield an arsenal of military hardware, scientific prototypes, and the iconic crowbar through incredibly detailed environments
• The all-new soundtrack and voice acting create a more immersive experience than ever before