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AuroraBound Deluxe

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Final Game Studios
Final Game Studio
Mac, PC, Android, IOS
Release Date
November 1, 2017 (Calendar)
Casual, Puzzle, Indie
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AuroraBound Deluxe is the debut puzzle game from Final Game Studio, an Ireland based indie video game developer and producer. Originally released for mobile as simply AuroraBound in May 2017, the game was then re-released and ported to PC and Mac systems as AuroraBound Deluxe on November 2, 2017.

AuroraBound is a take on the classic jigsaw puzzle genre, where each four sided puzzle piece needs to be match in pattern to the pieces around it. The game contains 20 hand designed levels and then automatically generates levels after that.  There is also an automatic generator for the player to use and customize the puzzles to their own liking.