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Atlas Rogues

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Release Date
November 18, 2020 (Calendar)
One Time Purchase
Multiplayer modes
Co Op, Local, Online, Online Features
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Save the city of Atlas from destruction in Atlas Rogues, a turn-based, Roguelite PvE game from developer Gamigo.

Recruit your team of rogues and defeat the Trust forces standing in your way to save the city. Earn enough funds to survive, buying the equipment you need to take down your enemies.  

You have 30 days to save Atlas, but time loops in Atlas Rogues, making every run unique. Dynamic missions and rewards lead to new options and strategies, while new characters, talents, gear and missions change with every loop. 

Play alone as a crew of four freelancers, or team up with friends online to collect and swap out characters between each loop, all taking on short, fast-paced battles in high octane PvE combat. 


Atlas Rogues is currently in early access, and is available for the PC.