Atelier Firis DX Key Art

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX

April 23, 2021

By: Robert Grosso

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Koei Tecmo
Koei Tecmo
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April 21, 2021 (Calendar)
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Journey back to the fantastic world of the Atelier ‘Mysterious’ series, with all three games now with a new price point, DLC, and brand new content bundled together.

The second game in the series, Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX stars the young girl Firis, who after a chance encounter with Sophie and Plachta, decided to venture out of her town into the world beyond. First hopes to learn alchemy from Sophie, and in order to take the official certification exam, she must complete tasks and search for licensed alchemists in order to collect their recommendations. 


Players can buy Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey DX separately, or as part of a bundle that includes Atelier Sophie DX and Atelier Lydie & Suelle DX. Atelier Firis DX is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.