The Airborne Kingdom

Game Info

Players will take control of a small group of intrepid travelers that have stumbled upon flying machinery left over from an ancient civilization. With their resources dwindling, they take to the skies in search of food, water, materials, citizens and other civilizations. Players will fly their kingdoms around a never-ending map while building up their city and managing labor and resources. The map itself is laid out in tiles. Each tile is handcrafted by an artist but the arrangement of the tiles is procedurally generated, allowing Airborne Kingdom to keep to a high standard of design while allowing for replayability. Several biomes are featured as well, including forests, ocean, mountains, desert and tundra.

Players will need to manage many of the typical city builder resources, such as coal, wood, water and food, but the most interesting feature of The Airborne Kingdom is managing the lift of your kingdom. You'll need to make sure you keep an eye on how each building and each process is affecting the kingdom's altitude - ignore it too long and you'll send your citizens plummeting down to earth. Furthermore, balance is a factor: if you weigh down one side of the city too much, you'll need to add an equal amount of weight to the opposite side to keep it from toppling. Building in an outward spiral motion is my first instinct here, but the developers assure me there are dozens of ways to safely expand your kingdom.

Developer Quote
In Airborne Kingdom, a city-building game like no other, players will assume control over their own unique sky city, building and managing a kingdom in the clouds even as they work to maintain lift and explore the furthest reaches of a mysterious landscape below, known only as The Barrens. Leading and advancing a civilization high above the earth is no easy feat, and players will seek to unlock the lost technologies of the Ancients in order to restore harmony to the world and build bridges between peoples separated long ago. For The Wandering Band –a small and ambitious team including visionary developer Ben Wander (A Case of Distrust), art director Chee Fong, engineer Fred Gareau, and production veteran Zach Mumbach –Airborne Kingdomis a truly dramatic leap forward.
A gorgeously rendered and inviting strategizer that exists at the intersection of high fantasy and construction/management simulation, it represents not only a daring mash-up of beloved genres but a vision of that most sought-after variable in gaming: something new