Agents of Mayhem Deep Silver Deep Silver Volition

Agents of Mayhem

August 16, 2017

By: Game Pages

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Game Info
Deep Silver
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date
August 15, 2017

Take on the role of a trio of heroes in Agents of Mayhem, a game from Deep Silver Volition where the MAYHEM organization fights against the evil forces of LEGION in futuristic Seoul, South Korea. You can pick from one of a dozen agents, each with their own play style and personality and all very customizable. Infiltrate underground lairs that are hidden in barbeque restaurants, dive into virtual reality to combat a weaponized waifu, and speed through the streets with little regard for traffic regulations.  Utilize Gadgets, captured enemy technology, and rocket-boosted cars with snarky A.I. to run down countless faceless baddies who are lead by hammy Saturday Morning Cartoon villains with foul mouths.