12 Minutes

Game Info

Luis Antonio
Release Date
September 27, 2019
Xbox, PC
One Time Purchase

12 Minutes is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop, forced to replay the same day over and over until he can figure out the intricate plot that seems at the core of the story. The game features a top-down point-and-click adventure system where you can interact with various elements, either mundane or contextually important, that you can use to manipulate the flow or outcome of coming events.

From the official website:

You take the role of the husband, on what should be a romantic evening with your wife. The night turns into a nightmare when a police detective breaks into your home, accuses your wife of murder and beats you to death. Only for you to find yourself immediately returned to the exact moment you opened the front door, stuck in a TWELVE-MINUTE time loop, doomed to relive the same terror again and again… Unless you can find a way to use the knowledge of what’s coming to change the outcome and break the loop. An interactive narrative that blends the dream-like suspense of THE SHINING with the claustrophobia of REAR WINDOW and the fragmented structure of MEMENTO.