Want to learn about the latest games coming out on your favorite platforms, or want to just look up what we’ve written about a certain game? TechRaptor’s Game Page directory is here to help you sort through the numerous game pages we’ve created as a resource to get you the information you’re looking for! With more being added each week, this is a great resource for finding information about a specific game!

Each game page will include the following information:

  • Review Score (If we’ve reviewed it!)
  • Release Date
  • Developer & Publisher
  • Genre & Platforms
  • What multiplayer features the game has included
  • What level of micro transactions are included in the game, or if it’s purely just a “buy once” game!
  • Rating of the game (M, T, E, etc)
  • Where you can grab the game for purchase (using our links helps TechRaptor grow!)

Once you get through that information, you can scroll down and find all of the content we’ve written about the game, and share your thoughts on it in the comments too! Love the game, hate the game, or even just have a question – chime in to the discussion!