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A close up a ghostly girl screaming

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope's Ending Explained

So The Dark Pictures: Little Hope was pretty darn good.
The Army Painter

Army Painter Gift Sets Guide

With all these awesome ship miniatures, you'll want to get them assembled and painted. The Army Painter
Telltale's The Walking Dead, The Last of Us Part II

The Biggest Controversies of Gen Eight

For one reason or another, the eighth generation of gaming seemed to be messier and more controversial than any before. 
Dread X Collection 3 - Key Art

A Tale of Dread X Collection 3

The Dread X crew are back again with Dread X Collection 3, another collection of indie horror titles to give you the spookiest post-Hallow
Why Do We Like Scary Games

Why Are Horror Games So Appealing?

Horror games are consistently one of the most popular subgenres in gaming, be it this year's 
Silent Hill 4: The Room - Key Art

Why Silent Hill 4: The Room Is the Most Interesting Silent Hill Game

Silent Hill is a series that holds a place of high-esteem in the minds of horror gamers.
Fable 3 Cover Art

Fable 3 10th Anniversary - Why This Black Sheep Deserves A Remake

I can’t imagine that even the most ardent Fable fans among you have this date on your calendar, or want to celebrate it.
legend of heroes trails guide techraptor

How to Get Into Nihon Falcom's Trails Series

Ever wanted to get into a game series but wasn’t sure where to start?
A giant black pyramid in the background of an alien moon's icy terrain

Destiny 2: The Road to Beyond Light

Back in 2014, Bungie and Activision worked together to create Destiny.
Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Ghost of Tsushima's Co-Op Mode is A Brand New Game

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima is a fantastic psued
Artwork from the Fallout: New Vegas DLC, Lonesome Road

Fallout: New Vegas At 10 - The Definitive Game Of War, Greed, and Loss

Fallout: New Vegas is the outlier of the modern Fallouts.
Melody of Memory Boxart

10 Songs We Want in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

The rhythm game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is hitting consoles on Nov. 13. While later entries in Square E
techraptor monkey island anniversary

The Secret of Monkey Island - A 30-Year Look Back

“Hi! My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a pirate!”
Solasta Preview Image

Solasta Developer Showcase

This week I had a chance to see a new build for the upcoming Solasta: Crown of the Magister with a developer led showcase courtesy of Tact
Metal Gear Solid - Featured Art

Does Metal Gear Solid On PC Still Hold Up?

Metal Gear Solid is one of gaming's most well-known franchises, and the first game on the PS1 was what catapulted
techraptor hades stygian blade build

Hades Stygian Blade Build Guide

Sometimes it’s tough getting the mechanics of a new game down, and Supergiant Games’ Hades is no exception.
Bugsnax Then Now

Devs Highlight Their Games' Progress With Twitter Trend

When you play a game, it's almost always a finished product.
techraptor steam autumn festival

Six Choice Demos in the Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition

2020 may have sucked so far, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some bright spots amongst the gloom.
The social area of the tower, decorated  with spooky trees, cobwebs and plastic bats.

Destiny 2's Halloween Event Is Missing Something

With the coming of October means the beginning of the spooktacular Halloween season.
Doom Eternal

The Best Shooters on Xbox Game Pass

I don't know about you, but when I'm unwinding from a stressful day, I like to plop down on the couch and fire up an action game.
techraptor hades weapon mythology

Hades: The Myths Behind the Weapons

Every good hero needs his or her arsenal of weapons, and Zagreus in Supergiant Games’ Hades
PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X

The 2020 Console War: Which Next-Gen Console is Right For You?

The next generation of gaming is upon us, and everyone’s playing favorites.
techraptor hades myth

Separating Myth and Fiction: The World of Hades

Supergiant Games’ latest offering, Hades, takes a deep dive into Greek mythology, plumbing