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Adobe crashes when printing

When you select "Print" in Adobe Reader X (and previous versions), does it become unresponsive, and then crash?

Browser Printing Issue: Printing Blank/Blank Preview

Are you trying to print a page through your browser, but when you do it comes up blank?

Speed up and Clean up your PC!

Whether or not you may be having issues...such as:

Utility: "The PC Decrapifier"

This is a great tool for PC Techs, or anyone buying a new PC.

Terminal Server Session denied due to "lack of licensing"

Are you trying to connect to your Terminal Server via an RDP Link or Remote Desktop, and getting denied due to "lack of licensing"?

Credential Manager comes up at login screen instead of Windows Login

When you boot up your PC, is Credential Manager coming up instead of Windows Login?

Error 0xc0000135 – How To Fix It

Are you getting the error message: "Application failed to Initialize properly: 0xc0000135"  and cannot find out what is wrong?
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Unable to open links in outlook

Are you unable to open hyperlinks in your Outlook Email Client?

Unable to edit the hosts file

Are you unable to edit the hosts file in C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc ? Does it say messages such as:

Increasing the Exchange 2003 Mailbox Database Size limit

"rIs your Exchange 2003 Server at its limit for Mailbox space?

Windows Remote Desktop won't lose the scroll bars

If you are using Remote Desktop, and it looks minimized (with scroll bars) and maximizing it doesn't fix the issue, here is a quick fix!
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iPhone does not work on firewalled Wi-Fi

Do you have an iPhone you are trying to connect to your company's wireless and can connect fine, but when on it you can't do any normal wi-fi funct
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Top margin missing in Microsoft Office Word

When you open a document, is the cursor at the top left corner of the page, as if the top margin was missing?
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Cannot dismiss a calendar event in Outlook

If you have a past recurring event that you deleted from your calendar and one of these events still remains "stuck" even when reminder pops up eve
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Symantec Endpoint Protection getting hundreds of DWH temp files

Are you running Symantec Endpoint Protection and getting hundreds of notifications from Symantec that there is infections by the name of DWH<ran
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Wireless asking for "Device Ownership Password"

Are you getting a request for a "Device Ownership Password" every time you try and connect to your or someone else's wireless? Essentially, the Int
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Blackberry is unable to delete messages that were deleted in outlook. (BES)

If you have a Blackberry that is connected to a Blackberry Enterprise Server, and you are having an issue with emails between the mailbox and devic
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Outlook crashes when printing

If you are running outlook 2007/2010 you may run into an issue where you are Outlook crashes when printing, rendering you unable to print. Tha
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Outlook Express Messages Stay in Outbox

If you are still using Outlook Express, and are sending an email that stays in your mailbox no matter how many times you hit "Send/Receive" there i
TeraCopy Transfer Files

Transfer files faster

Are you constantly transferring files on your PC, especially large ones?

Excellent Anti-Virus for Free

Need anti-virus? Cheap? Check out "Avast!"