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PlayStation 3

5 PS3 Exclusives We'll Lose Along With The PlayStation Store

The PS3 was an experiment age of games, and when the PlayStation Store goes down, we won't be able to purchase these underappreciated titles anymore.
In Sound Mind Lighthouse

In Sound Mind Strikingly Manifests Mental-Health Struggles

In Sound Mind places you directly into surreal mindscapes of mental health struggles, helping you both understand characters in the game while uncovering mystery after mystery. See why you should pick up this survival horror experience from developer We Create Stuff.
Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6 on PC is Another Solid Conversion

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on PC is another solid conversion for the series, but it does still feature a few issues that hold it back.
Oblivion Landscape Header

The Legacy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The legacy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cannot be understated, as it is an important game that was not only a transitionary title for the Elder Scrolls series but for the landscape of gaming as a whole.
The Secret Neighbor Party Game

Video to Tabletop: The Secret Neighbor Party Game

Continuing our Video to Tabletop feature where we look at video game franchises' tabletop version, we look at The Secret Neighbor Party Game, based on the Hello Neighbor video game.
This Week in Valheim March 20

This Week in Valheim: March 20, 2021

This Week in Valheim: a troll gets his just desserts, water skiing is the hot new sport in the Viking afterlife, and you can travel to Middle Earth!
techraptor tomb raider

Five Things We Want To See From The Tomb Raider Anime

We look at our five top picks for things we want to see in the Tomb Raider anime from Netflix.
Three Bisexual characters: Mileena from Mortal Kombat, Tharja from Fire Emblem, and Zagreus from Hades

The History of Bisexuality in Gaming

The path to better LGBTQ+ representation in gaming is a long and extensive one. Every part of the acronym has faced different highs and lows. So today, let's go though the history of bisexuality in gaming!
What I've Learned from 300 Hours in Valheim cover

What I've Learned from 300 Hours in Valheim

With 300 hours in Valheim, I've learned many painful lessons. I'm happy to teach you how to avoid some of the many, many mistakes I've made.
The player character in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order onlooking enemies by a set of stairs

Next-Gen: The Backwards-Compatibility Anomaly

The PlayStation 5 has beat out Series X in many multiplatform comparisons to varying degrees. Last-gen games, however, showcase a major role reversal with Series X offering a more tangible advantage.
Gnosia Crew Ranking Feature

5 Gnosia Crewmates to Befriend (and 5 to Beware)

Social deduction mystery Gnosia sees the player character trapped aboard a spaceship with 14 others. But who makes a powerful ally in a pinch, and who should not be trusted as far as you can throw them?
Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars Title

Super Mario RPG: A Localization Retrospective

After 25 years, the RPG blending Mario and Final Fantasy remains a fun, quirky romp.
Combat from the original Six Days in Fallujah

A History of Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah made a surprise return recently, but what do we know about its first iteration? We take a look at the history of this controversial war game.
Best Worst Legendaries Pokemon

The Best and Worst Designed Legendary Pokemon

In all of our talk about Pokemon designs, we haven't touched the legendaries yet. That changes now as we look at the best and worst designed legendary Pokemon in the entire franchise.
Wandavision Vision Preview Image

Creating WandaVision's Vision in Dungeons and Dragons 5E

With WandaVision coming to a close, it doesn't mean you can't take Vision with you in all kinds of fun Dungeons and Dragons adventures.
WandaVision DnD Feature

Creating WandaVision's Wanda in Dungeons and Dragons 5E

WandaVision has aired its final episode. That doesn't mean you can't create your own Wanda for adventures in Dungeons and Dragons though?
Key Art for Gears 5's sixth operation

Tackling Gears 5 Operation 6

Gears 5 has sustained a mostly successful year-and-a-half-long live service. Coming off the heels of Operation 5, the game's most significant update, Operation 6 loses sight of that momentum.
Man holding a shovel with games on it

Why Shovelware's Existence is Needed in the Gaming Industry

Shovelware is still important in the games industry.
Best Worst Gen8

The Best and Worst Pokemon Designs of Generation VIII

The designs for Pokemon Sword and Shield are pretty good, but there are some that are still off. Which are the best, and which are the worst?
Pokemon Sword Shield

The Year of Pokemon - Generation VIII

While streamlining systems and providing many quality of life updates, Sword and Shield's technical, graphical and narrative issues weigh it down as one of the worst entries in the series.
Stardew Valley Anniversary Feature

Spring of Year 5: Reflecting on Stardew Valley with Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone

Five years following the release of farming simulator Stardew Valley, creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone talks the past, the future, his fans, and more.
Stonefly Feature Preview Image

Honey, Flight School Studio Shrunk Us In Stonefly!

We got to take a first look at Flight School Studio's upcoming Action Adventure title Stonefly. Experience the world on a microscopic scale as you pilot your Rig collecting resources and searching for your lost family heirloom.
Valheim Greydwarf Swarm

Is Valheim Terraria in 3D?

Valheim's popularity recalls many other survival games. What about it is drawing people in?
techraptor stardew valley characters

5 Best and Worst Characters In Stardew Valley

We take a look at the five best and five worst characters (non-marriage candidates) in the popular farming sim Stardew Valley, especially for the anniversary of the game's release.

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