IGN Summer of Games 2020 News

The IGN Summer of Games 2020 show kicked off June 10, 2020 at 4:45pm EST (1:45 PST / 8:45pm GMT.)
A look at the lab in the newest update in GTFO.

GTFO Update 'The Vessel' Adds New Level, Story

GTFO, the cooperative first-person-shooter/horror game by 10 Chambers Collective, have just released a new major update for the game.

Voidtrain Trailer Shows off Gameplay

Today at the first day of IGN Summer of Gaming a new trailer was shown off for Voidtrain. Voidtrain is an upcoming multiplayer su
mortal shell

Hero Souls-like Mortal Shell Beta Arrives Next Month

The upcoming, gory and extremely gritty Soulslike, Mortal Shell, is still coming late this year, but now we know that we're going to have
The logo for Demon Turf

Become the Demon Queen in Demon Turf

Premiering at IGN's Summer of Gaming 2020 is the 3D platformer Demon Turf by Fabraz, the studio behind Slime-San.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Releases on Consoles in August

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is sprawling CRPG based that's been out on PC for a while now, but it hasn't been available on consoles - unt
A scene from the release trailer of The Waylanders

Fantasy RPG The Waylanders Goes Early Access June 16th

While we already knew about the existence of GATO STUDIO's fantasy RPG The Waylanders, today's IGN Summer of Gaming trailer brings new gam
A scene from Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger Brings Demon-Slaying Metal to FPS Fans

One of the first games announced today during the IGN Summer of Gaming is Metal: Hellsinger, developed by The Outsiders and published by F
 Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX.

IGN Summer of Gaming Unveils Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

Alex Kidd is an 80s gaming icon, and fans of the era and platformers in general are going to be able to play a revitalized classic with th