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A cute pink elephant bartender in Hokko Life


The Hokko Life release date has been announced. Wonderscope's relaxing life sim is launching in full on PC and consoles this September.

A player holding a bug net and catching a butterfly in Hokko Life


A new Hokko Life update has arrived, and the appropriately-named Hokko Life Bug Catcher Update is all about catching bugs.

Hokko Life Narrative Update


The Hokko Life Narrative Update is out now, and it includes four new villagers, a new intro to the game, the ability to create more furniture, and

Hokko Life Village Chic Update cover


The Hokko Life Village Chic Update has arrived, adding in hundreds of new hats and head items, a new 3D Painting Tool for clothes, a Photo Mode, and

How to Unlock the Mines in Hokko Life cover


Are you wondering how to unlock the mines in Hokko Life? Our guide will tell you everything you need to know (and what you'll find inside)!

Hokko Life farming guide cover


Our Hokko Life Farming Guide will tell you how to get started farming, how it works, and what's the best way to make money by growing crops and fruit

Hokko Life Storage Guide cover


In this Hokko Life Storage Guide, we'll tell you what you need to do to unlock storage — no more cluttering up the ground with junk!

Hokko Life


The Hokko Life Farming Update has released letting you farm a lot more and adding a farm region to the animal crossing inspired game

Life Begins!


Simulation games offer us a relaxing and active escape from our current setting. Hokko Life aims to capture that and its creator Robert Tatnell talks

Hokko Life How to Make Money Guide - cover


In our Hokko Life How to Make Money, we'll tell you the best ways to earn money in Hokko Life — and what you should spend it on!

Hokko Life Villager Recruitment Guide Header


Looking to get new villagers in Hokko Life? Here is a quick and easy guide to gain a brand new Hokko Life Villager to your growing town.

Hokko Life Farming Update cover


The Hokko Life Farming Update has been announced as the first Hokko Life update for the new Animal Crossing-style game that recently launched on PC.

Hokko Life Fishing Header


Looking to get started fishing in Hokko Life? Well, here is a quick guide that covers the basics, from where you get your fishing rod to how to

How to Build a Bridge in Hokko Life - cover


Want to build your first Hokko Life bridge? Our guide will tell you how to build a bridge in Hokko Life — and cheaply, too!

Hokko Life Guide for Beginners - cover


Our Hokko Life Guide for Beginners will tell you everything you need to know to get started with this new game from Wonderscope and Team17.

Hokko Life Gameplay

Game Page

Welcome to Hokko Life, a cozy little life simulation that is just waiting for you from indie developer Wonderscope

A player chopping down a tree in Hokko Life


Blissed-out life sim Hokko Life is heading to Early Access next month. It should be a great investment if you love Animal Crossing.

A character chilling in the town square in Hokko Life


Upcoming life sim Hokko Life, which totally isn't Animal Crossing you guys, is coming to Steam Early Access this summer. No word yet on a release

A suspiciously familiar-looking in-game screenshot of Hokko Life


Are you watching all the Animal Crossing shenanigans and wishing there was a game very similar to Nintendo's offering but not quite the same? Then