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A shot of Old Skies, the new Wadjet Eye point-and-click adventure game


Dave Gilbert and Wadjet Eye have revealed their next project: Old Skies, a time-traveling adventure game taking place in New York City.

techraptor unavowed switch


We take a look at the port report for Unavowed on Nintendo Switch and see how well this gem of a game holds up on the console.

shardlight game page

Game Page

In the world of Shardlight, things are pretty darn bad. The world has been devastated by war.

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Some may assume that fantasy has no rules, that anything goes. Like all fiction, it must stick to possibilities, even when they're unrealistic.


Game Page

Unavowed is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by Wadjet Eye Games.

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When does pixel art stop being “pixel art” and becomes simply art? How many bits or pixels does it take? How much nuance is possible?

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Unavowed, a point-and-click adventure game from the developers of the Blackwell series and Gemini Rue, launches for PC and Mac August 8th.