Trinket Studios is a Chicago-based independent game studio co-founded by industry professionals Tom Eastman, Eric Huang, and Ben Perez. Together they focus on the rapid development of small games with big character.

Tom, Eric and Ben met in 2009 while working for Disney Interactive’s Wideload Games. Over the next three years they collaborated on Disney’s Guilty Party (Wii, 2010), Avengers Initiative: Hulk (iOS / Android, 2012), and a host of unannounced projects.

In 2012, the trio left to form Trinket Studios, where they quickly built up a handful of games and prototypes.

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Battle Chef Brigade Belchior


Adult Swim Games has announced Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, available on August 28th, which will coincide with the first release on the PS4.

Battle Chef Brigade Review


Iron Chef combining with Guardian Heroes sure sounds like a recipe for success, and that's just what you get with Battle Chef Brigade. Blending

Battle Chef Brigade Cooking

Game Page

Battle Chef Brigade combines combo-based sidescrolling combat with puzzle mechanics to give players a game that will make you feel like you're in a

Battle Chef Brigade Cooking


Ever since it was announced, and I had the opportunity to play the demo before Indy PopCon, Battle Chef Brigade

Indy PopCon 2016 Battle Chef Brigade


When we were looking over Indy PopCon’s site to reach out to a number of devs and set up times to talk about their games, Battle Chef Brigade was one