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Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event

Medieval combatants can test their fist-fighting skills in the Chivalry 2 Midsommar Event.

Chivalry 2

The next Chivalry 2 update, Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion, and the Chivalry 2 Steam release are coming on next month. The update will include a new

Chivalry 2

The Chivalry 2: House Aberfell update is launching today and will add a team objective map, playable druids, peasant kidnapping, and bees.

Chivalry 2

Developer Torn Banner Studios and publisher Tripwire Presents (along with global retail publishing partner Deep Silver) have announced that Chivalry

Two combatants clashing weapons in Chivalry 2

A new Chivalry 2 update is adding two brand new maps, as well as a new game mode, a fun camera feature, and lots and lots of new customization

Screenshot from Chivalry 2 with a man on horseback surveying a battlefield

The bawdy jokes and arcadey style won't be for everyone but Chivalry 2 is undoubtedly a strong contender for the best medieval warfare sim on the

Chivalry 2 Roadmap cover

A Chivalry 2 Roadmap Preview has been revealed by the developers, giving us a first look at the kind of new content we can expect going forward.

Banner image for Chivalry 2 with a soldier on horseback against a grey sky

The time has finally come to leap into the fray for the hotly anticipated medieval brawler Chivalry 2. We've written a guide that'll have you hacking

Banner image for Chivalry 2 featuring an armoured knight on horseback

Chivalry 2 is a difficult game to get to grips with. That’s why we’ve put together a beginner’s guide with five tips and tricks to help you find your

Chivalry 2 launch issues cover

The Chivalry 2 launch has resolved its issues with matchmaking, but some players are still reporting problems including missing items and currency.

Banner Image for Chivalry 2 with an armoured knight wielding a sword

There are four classes in Chivalry 2: Knight, Archer, Footman and Vanguard. As well as different weapons, each class has special abilities and three

Two teams battling it out in Chivalry 2

The time of the Chivalry 2 open beta is almost upon us. The medieval battler is coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in open beta on May 27th.

Chivalry 2 Beaches

Chivalry 2's closed beta showed what is shaping up to be a a gory, chaotic, and all around exhilarating multiplayer experience that is bound to make

chivalry 2

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Torn Banner Studios revealed their medieval first-person combat title, Chivalry 2, is coming to next-generation

chivalry 2 game page featured image

Chivalry 2 is the sequel to the well-renown Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a medieval slasher with a penchant for limb mutilation and guttural vocal