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Little Nightmares 2 May Not Be So Little

Like the first game in the franchise, Little Nightmares II pits a small child against an unyielding world of danger and horrors. Our protagonist,

LN@ Hunter in the woods

Little Nightmares II is a suspense-adventure game in which you play as Mono, a young boy trapped in a world that has been distorted by the humming

Spooky woman is doing spooky things.

Today, Little Nightmares developer Tarsier Studios has been acquired by Embracer Group, better known by their former name as THQ Nordic. Little

The Stretchers Title

The Stretchers is a single-player or co-op puzzle game in which you control two paramedics trying to save the world from the Dizzies epidemic.


Little Nightmares is a stealth-horror game in which you play as a small, raincoat clad child known as Six, looking to escape from the Maw, a vessel


Do you like yellow raincoat clad protagonists? Are you a fan of stories that are needlessly vague? Interested in horror stories with the aesthetic of

Humble Bundle Little Nightmares

Just under two months ago, a little indie puzzler by the name of Little Nightmares took the gaming community by surprise. It was weird, it was creepy

Humble Bundle Little Nightmares

Game bundles have been an invaluable resource for PC gamers that wanted to build a respectable digital library on the cheap. On that regard, Humble


In an announcement on their website posted earlier today, GAMEPUMP founder Robert Bowling announced that the previously delayed subscription service


GAMEPUMP, the game publisher/subscription service hybrid masterminded by former Call of Duty lead Robert Bowling, has delayed the launch of their


The first title that will most likely be published through GamePump's subscription service is LIT, a "horror puzzler" that was originally released