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Sly Cooper Screenshot Of Dismay


Rumors had been circulating of Sly Cooper 5 and a possible Infamous project but creator Sucker Punch has put them to bed with a new post on their

Ghost of Tsushima Rivals Mode


The new Ghost of Tsushima Rivals mode combines the best of competitive and co-op multiplayer into a single mode. If you’re already a master at Ghost

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut release date details PS5 revealed cover


The Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut release date has been revealed: the Iki Island expansion and new Legends content comes to PS4 and PS5 in August

Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima


Good news for fans of Sony's open-world samurai-'em-up: an ESRB listing has confirmed Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut for PS5 and PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima Torri Gates


Fans of the hit PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima have rallied to help restore a damaged piece of the real-life Tsushima Island.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends PlayStation outfits cover


A series of four Ghost of Tsushima: Legends PlayStation outfits are now available for players to unlock, but you're not going to want to wait — they'

Ghost of Tsushima


The games industry owes a lot to what the film industry has done in the past century.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Weekly Challenges cover


Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Weekly Challenges will begin this Friday, but they won't be easy.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends


Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima is a fantastic psuedo-historical samurai adventure.

Artwork depicting four co-op characters in Ghost of Tsushima's new Legends mode


Ghost of Tsushima update 1.1 will drop soon.

Cover art, showing title of video game

Game Page

Ghost of Tsushima allows you to assume the role of a samurai set in the 13th century of feudal Japan where you must move past your samurai traditions

Ghost of Tsushima Lethal Difficulty Patch 1.05 update cover


Ghost of Tsushima Lethal Difficulty has debuted in the latest patch for Sucker Punch's newest game.

Jin preparing for a duel with a Mongol Warlord, the game's title in the center.


Ghost of Tsushima covers a less-talked-about era of Japanese History. What did it get right? What did it get wrong? What did it creatively change?

Ghost of Tsushima Japan sales cover


The lucky folks who are playing Sucker Punch's latest release of Ghost of Tsushima are generally enjoying their time with the game, but Japan's

Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist Jin stands in a field of wheat


Recently-released samurai sandbox Ghost of Tsushima originally featured loading times so quick that it was impossible to read loading screen tips.

Ghost of Tsushima exploration cover


Ghost of Tsushima exploration will be helpful to your success in the game, but you won't have to do it.

Ghosts of Tsushima Header


Some enterprising chap on NeoGaf found that the release date of <

ghosts of tsushima playstation e3 2018


Sucker Punch Productions released a gameplay debut trailer for their epic open world game Ghost of Tsushima at Sony's E3 2018 conference.

Ghost of Tsushima Header


Today at the Sony PlayStation Live Event at Paris Games Week kicked off their main PlayStation Live event with a trailer and announcing Ghost of