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Mavka Serpent Rogue

To the northeast of the Swamp, there’s an area you can get to called “Mavka’s Keep” in which you’ll find Mavka and these furry little creatures

Serpent Rogue animals and humans following warden

One of the things required to beat The Serpent Rogue is progression through the corrupted areas of the world, which require a special item to cleanse

Serpent Rogue Swamp Machine Broken

Once you have cleansed the Swamp, and can proceed past the area – you'll encounter a structure that needs to be repaired – requiring 3 gears to get

The title of The Serpent Rogue with a bird-masked doctor overlooking a stormblighted land

So you have decided to step into the corrupted lands in attempt to purify and save its people. But you have no idea on where to go, what to do first

Serpent Rogue Corruption

The Serpent Rogue is a unique indie game that has you crafting potions to make your way through the world. You’ll come to rely on these potions to

Habormaster Ship Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue is littered with neat places to go, puzzles to solve, and potions to unlock and craft. Early on in the game, you’ll encounter the “

Abandoned House Serpent Rogue

A core part of gameplay in The Serpent Rogue, creating potions can be used to deal or heal damage, change form, and more. In order to discover the

Serpent Rogue Review Header

The Serpent Rogue is a unique game that meshes potion crafting with combat and world exploration, giving you numerous options on how to tackle foes

Characters talking near a tattered ship in The Serpent Rogue

Ukrainian studio Sengi Games has confirmed that its intended The Serpent Rogue release date won't change. Despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by

The Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue is an action-adventure indie RPG that will put players in the shoes of The Warden, a mysterious alchemist who will be able to craft

The Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue, an indie RPG that's being developed by Sengi Games and published by Team17, have announced that their title will launch on PC,