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A character in Core Keeper facing down a King Slime in key art for the Core Keeper Terraria crossover


A Core Keeper Terraria crossover is on its way to both sandbox building games next week, so get ready to battle slimes and hang out with new pets.

Terraria Mod Tools Modding Re-Logic Chicken Bones cover


Prominent Minecraft modder Chicken Bones has been hired by Re-Logic to work on Terraria mod tools such as tModLoader and tModPorter.

Terraria 1.4.3 Update Console Mobile cover


Terraria Update 1.4.3 is out now, bringing the Don't Starve Together crossover content and more to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, and

Terraria Key Art 1.3 Update


Terraria has a dedicated mod community that creates even more content for the massive survival crafting game. TechRaptor's compiled some of the