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A cyclist riding downhill in Descenders

RageSquid and No More Robots' downhill "rogue-bike" cycling sim Descenders is coming to Xbox Series X|S. The game will launch for Microsoft's next-

Descenders Free Weekend Bike Park Update slice

A Descenders free weekend has arrived to celebrate the release of the Bike Park Update — and the game is on sale with a hefty discount, too. If you

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Mike Rose's No More Robots has quickly become one of the more identifiable and quirky indie publishers with titles like the Brexit game Not Tonight,


Biking game Descenders has announced that it is leaving early access. The 1.0 version will launch on the Xbox Game Pass and on Steam on May 7.

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The third game from European developer RageSquid, Descenders is a mountain biking game with randomly generated tracks and random modifiers applied

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Procedural generation. Roguelike. Mountain biking. One of these three is not like the others. Still, RageSquid makes it all come alive in Descenders