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The latest Craftopia update quite large, and it includes critical bug fixes and improvements, newly added content, balance adjustments, functional

Craftopia Roadmap cover

A Craftopia roadmap has been released by Pocket Pair, finally detailing some of the features in development for this open-world sandbox RPG on Steam

Craftopia Title

Craftopia is an indie open-world survival action game. Players can harvest resources, craft tools, explore dungeons, and do even more as they dive

A few automated systems in Craftopia

Like many factory-management games, the survival-action game Craftopia gives players the ability to automate resource collection in order to cut down

Craftopia - Motorbike

Japanese crafting survival game Craftopia is an insanely fun, if slightly familiar, experience. However, getting around the islands is a bit of a

A scenery shot from Craftopia

Craftopia is a Japanese take on games like Satisfactory, Breath of the Wild, and more. After destroying Earth, you and humanity are given a second