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Crusader Kings 3 Update 1.5.1 cover

Crusader Kings 3 Update 1.5.1 has arrived, adding several new events and improving royal courts with better lighting and new models for several

A shot of a Europa Universalis IV Leviathan map

The latest Europa Universalis IV DLC is here, and it's apparently so broken that it's attracting Overwhelmingly Negative user reviews on Steam.

A map screen view of Europa Universalis IV

The new Europa Universalis IV expansion has a release date. Leviathan, so named for Thomas Hobbes' famous political tract, comes to PC on April 27th.

The key art for Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is the fourth game in Paradox's long-running Europa Universalis grand strategy series.

The main title image for Europa Universalis IV: Emperor

Grand strategy empire-builder Europa Universalis IV is getting a new expansion. Europa Universalis IV: Emperor doesn't have a release window yet, but

EU4 Subscription Service

Paradox Interactive has been quietly testing an EU4 subscription model.