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Metal Hellsinger steam screenshot where we see a player blasting at a giant metal demon with wings in a blaze of fire and glory,Metal: Hellsinger accessibility update


A new Metal: Hellsinger accessibility update lets players make every shot count, and keep to the beat of their own blasting drum.

A demon opening its wings as the Unknown fires at it in Metal: Hellsinger


The Outsiders and Funcom have added Metal: Hellsinger mod support, letting you blast through custom songs in any genre you like.

Metal: Hellsinger Cover image

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Metal: Hellsinger, the game where in order to plaster your enemies all over the walls, you will need to keep up with the intense death metal beat.

The Unknown and Paz pose in Metal: Hellsinger's key art.


Metal: Hellsinger is a best-in-class FPS that defines a new subgenre and hits all the right notes. Read our review to find out more.

The player blasting at demons leaping towards them amid a ruined city in Metal: Hellsinger, denoting the Metal: Hellsinger Xbox Game Pass day one release


Microsoft has confirmed a Metal: Hellsinger Xbox Game Pass day one release, with other great games also heading to the service this month.

Metal: Hellsinger's Key Art, featuring protagonist The Unknown


Metal: Hellsinger from The Outsiders combines kickass tunes with fast-paced shooting to provide a gameplay experience that fulfills the full promise

Metal Hellsinger Pre Alpha


Metal: Hellsinger is part FPS, part rhythm game, where timing your shots to the beat of the music multiplies the damage you do to demonic foes.

A scene from Metal: Hellsinger


One of the first games announced today during the IGN Summer of Gaming is Metal: Hellsinger, developed by The Outsiders and published by Funcom.