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Mining in One Lonely Outpost

PAX East 2023: Terraform a Barren World in One Lonely Outpost

There has been no shortage of farming sims over the past several years, but One Lonely Outpost sets itself apart by not only creating a satisfying gameplay loop that'll have you keep coming back for…

March 24, 2023 | 12:00 EDT

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One Lonely Outpost

One Lonely Outpost quite literally takes the farming RPG genre to new worlds. At first, you'll be by yourself on a barren planet. As you grow more crops, you'll attract new settlers to your lonely…

March 25, 2020 | 10:45 EDT

One Lonely Outpost watering cover

One Lonely Outpost Takes Farming to the Stars

Almost two years ago, I was casually scrolling Twitter when something caught my eye. It looked kind of like Stardew Valley in space. I was (and still am) a huge fan of farming RPGs, and so I reached…

March 27, 2020 | 01:00 EDT