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God of War Creator David Jaffe Movie Games cover

God of War creator David Jaffe had jumped on the opportunity to get involved with the gaming industry again — he's just announced that he's joining

Lust From Beyond Monsters

There were already multiple red flags up before I even decided to start playing the Beta for Lust From Beyond. First, there is the fact that both the

Lust from Beyond release date cover

The Lust from Beyond release date has been delayed to late February 2021 due to the developers needing more time to provide "a truly immersive

Lust from Beyond Key Art

From developers Movie Games Lunarium, the team behind Lust for Darkness, comes Lust from Beyond, the a game that blends horror and erotica in a way

The title next to several tortured bodies

Sex is one of the most transgressive subjects any creative medium can indulge in. Some of gaming's most notorious controversies are mired in it: