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Rune Factory 3 Special

Rune Factory 3 Special Heading To PC and Switch This September

A trailer for the upcoming Rune Factory 3 Special RPG showcases gameplay and combat. Alongside the trailer comes the release date announcement, scheduled for September 5, 2023.  The remade and…

March 9, 2023 | 02:19 EST

Two farmers and a young child in an idyllic rural setting in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Release Date Announced

Marvelous has revealed the Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life release date. The upcoming farming sim remake will arrive on PC and current-gen consoles (and Switch) on June 27th, so it's almost time…

January 25, 2023 | 10:24 EST

Story of Seasons Header showing the in-game logo along with a character and a cow.
Game Page

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is yet another farming simulator in the long-running Story of Seasons series that will be launching on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and the Nintendo…

December 28, 2022 | 03:11 EST

The male and female player characters looking over their child in a bucolic rural setting in the Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life remake for Switch

Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake Lets You Be Non-Binary

The upcoming Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life remake will allow you to choose between male, female, and non-binary protagonists. You'll also be able to approach any of the eligible romance options…

September 14, 2022 | 09:06 EDT

Rune Factory 4 Special
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Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory 4 Special builds upon the original Rune Factory 4. In it, players can expect essentially the same experience as the original 3DS title, but now there's a new difficulty mode, new in-game…

January 17, 2022 | 09:50 EST