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A screenshot of RimWorld with the Australian R18+ classification over the top

The Australian Classification Board has moved to reclassify RimWorld at R18+. Previously, it was refused classification on both console and PC, but

RimWorld art with a red circle with line

RimWorld was made unavailable for purchase by Australian customers on Steam today. This was announced by a news post on the RimWorld Steam page.

A shot of a colony in RimWorld

If you've been hoping for a RimWorld console version, you could be in luck. The Australian ratings board has refused classification for a version of 

A colony bustling away in RimWorld

A new RimWorld update has arrived, and there are some pretty big changes coming to the colony sim. Ludeon has reworked biosculpters to take out some


The latest Rimworld update is 1.3.3101 and includes a "long list of new stuff and improvements for the base game and both expansions". Of these, the


We now have a Rimworld Ideology release date, along with patch 1.3. Both are coming very soon. Tomorrow, in fact. Currently, Rimworld patch 1.3 is in

Rimworld Ideology

Ludeon Studios has announced the next RimWorld update along with the Rimworld Ideology expansion that will release alongside the full rollout of the

Rim Effect Rimworld Mass Effect mod cover

Get ready for a very interesting gaming mash-up: Rim Effect is a RimWorld Mass Effect mod that overhauls the game with content from BioWare's iconic

Rimworld 1.2 update cover

The RimWorld 1.2 Update has arrived, bringing with it a ton of new content for players to enjoy. Among the new additions is the debut of a "custom


RimWorld's May 2020 update has been released, adding new psychic meditation, new psycasts, and a lot more to dig into. The update shouldn't affect

A fancy throne room, courtesy of Rimworld Royalty

The first major update for RimWorld has just released from Steam's unstable beta branch for public use. Even more interesting is that this coincides

A base in Rimworld under attack by mechanoids.

Rimworld, the sci-fi base-building game with a Firefly-esque Western feel, has uploaded a 1.1 update onto Steam's unstable beta branch. Players

rimworld starfort

After five years in early access, survival space-colony management game Rimworld has gotten its much-deserved release date. On October 17, the 1.0


When a passenger ship crashlands on a planet, 3 (randomly selected) passengers have to make a colony in this science-fiction colony simulation game