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bushido risen sun (1)

Bushido Risen Sun is the brand new edition of Bushido, the fantasy samurai wargame from GCT Studios. We’ve covered a couple of the different faction

black & white bushido switch

Good Catch Games has announced that Black & White Bushido will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as reported by Nintendo Life. Black & White

bushido ryu and yurei (1)

We started our journey into the Bushido skirmish game by GCT Studios in June, when we reviewed the core rules, along with the Tengu Descension and

bushido (1)

Bushido is a skirmish wargame by GCT Studios and is based in a fantasy feudal Japanese setting. Everything you need to play Bushido is available on

Black and White Bushido Header

Is it fair to judge a game that seems to be abandoned? Not in the sense of a lack of patches or support by the company, but a lack of player

Black and White Bushido Title Screen

Black & White Bushido is a 2D stealth-em-up arena brawler that pits the forces of light and shadow against each other, developed by Good Catch