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The player tending to a farm in Ooblets


We finally have an Ooblets release date. The farming sim-come-creature collector is heading to Switch, PC, and Xbox this September.



Ooblets is a farming, town life, and creature collection game. Manage your farm, grow and train your ooblets, explore strange lands, and have dance-

Ooblets v0.5 Update Coldyrain cover


The Ooblets v0.5 update is now live!

Ooblets Key Art

Game Page

Combining the features of Pokemon with classic life simulation games such as Harvest Moon, Ooblets is a cute little adventure from indie developer

Ooblets roadmap cover


Glumberland has launched the Ooblets roadmap, highlighting its development plans for the next 12–18 months for its Early Access game.

A nicely made farm in Ooblets


If you've played farming simulators before, you may think you have a good handle on how

The key art for Ooblets


Players looking for a farming simulator have plenty of choices to choose from these days.



Glumberland has come to reveal the Ooblets early access release date for the highly anticipated farming/creature collection/life sim game as July

Ooblets PC Gaming Show Preview Image


The PC Gaming Show today showed off a new trailer for Ooblets. This indie title has players raise and interact with small adorable creatures called

ooblets epic games store


An Ooblets Epic Games Store exclusivity deal has been announced by Glumberland.

ooblets dancing


The adorable farming/town life/creature collecting/dancing/who knows what else game Ooblets is now going to be self-published.

ooblets pc gaming show e3 2018


Double Fine made a showing at the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show with Ooblets, a rather colorful and happy game reminiscent of Pikmin.

Ooblets Game


Sonya Reed, an online Youtuber, introduces Ooblets, developed by a 2 person team called Gumberlands, and produced by Double Fine.