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Frostkeep Studios has announced that Rend has left Early Access and has fully launched on Steam. The online fantasy survival game will be available

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While at PAX West, I had the opportunity to catch up with Frostkeep Studios, the developers behind the upcoming online fantasy survival game Rend.

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Rend's closed alpha is coming to an end, and after much community feedback, the online fantasy survival game will be heading to Steam's early access

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Rend is a survival game coming from some of the people who brought you the early days of World of Warcraft and now have left to form Frostkeep

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I learned some new information about the faction-based, fantasy survival game Rend while at E3 and had the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Wood

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Rend is an in-development faction-based survival game with a fantasy theme. It's made by new independent studio Frostkeep Studios, which is made up

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I don't like survival games; in fact, I actively avoid them. So, I was a little wary going into our appointment to check out Rend at PAX West. Boy,