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Sunless Sea Review

“The sea has never been friendly to man. At most, it has been an accomplice of human restlessness.” Those are the words of Joseph Conrad in Heart of

techraptor sunless skies anniversary

Happy Birthday Sunless Skies! Is it weird to think of a video game as having a birthday? Or do they just have anniversaries? Either way, a year ago

Screenshot of the player flying past Big Ben.

Today, Failbetter Games has announced that its popular title, Sunless Skies, will be receiving a new version called Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition

sunless skies

Failbetter Games has released a new update for narrative-focused roguelike Sunless Skies. The Hoarder update adds some new mechanics, new crew, and

sunless skies

Failbetter Games has announced a new update for Sunless Skies. The Vagabond update will bring new stories, a new officer to recruit, and plenty more

techraptor wayfarer update

Failbetter Games has released their first major update to Sunless Skies after its initial launch in January. By popular demand, there are changes in

eleutheria and blue kingdom tips

Run out of things to do in Albion already? No worries, we've got you covered. Our Eleutheria tips and the Blue Kingdom tips will help you survive the

sunless skies tips advanced

You’ve decided to continue Sunless Skies! Congratulations! By now you’ve probably made it out of the Reach and ventured forth to Albion, and you're

sunless skies beginners guide

First time in the High Wilderness? Watch where you step, mind the Blemmigan. If you’re just starting out in Sunless Skies for the first time and

sunless skies review header

Hands up, who likes trains? If so, you’ll enjoy Sunless Skies. As long as you have the stomach for it. This is the latest game set in Failbetter

sunless skies techraptor release date

London based indie developer Failbetter Games have finally announced a new release date for Sunless Skies, the sequel to 2015’s story-centric

sunless sea

The Kickstarted Literary Roguelite RPG, Sunless Sea released back in 2015 to wide acclaim and brought the Fallen London universe to much larger

cultist simulator interview

Ever wanted to be an all-powerful, Lovecraftian-esque leader with hordes of devoted and willing followers at your command as your pursue immortality

sunless skies exploration

Sunless Skies, the latest release from Failbetter Games and the semi-sequel to Sunless Sea, released its latest update on January 31st entitled


Sunless Skies is Failbetter Games' latest addition to their cult-hit Fallen London universe and the sequel to the previous entry, Sunless Seas.

Sunless Skies Preview Header

Ahhh, Early Access. The time when a game is booted out of the developer’s nest whether it’s ready or not. A time where a game will either be

Sunless Skies

Developer Failbetter Games has announced that their sequel to Sunless Sea will be taking off soon enough. Kickstarted in February this year, Sunless