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An image of the solution to the sliding pod puzzle in Scorn


In this Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle Guide, we'll show you how to find and complete this puzzle with step-by-step instructions.

The bleak outside world of Scorn


In this Scorn guide hub, we plan to cover any essential information and links to our other guides to make sure you're prepared for what awaits.

The motionless Krang body in Scorn


In this Scorn Krang Boss Guide, we'll cover where the fight takes place, what you'll need, and how to defeat this monstrosity.

The outside world of Scorn


Scorn is a game that nails its aesthetic look but unfortunately fails to deliver much more with linear puzzles and a confusing premise.

Scorn release date image showing off a guy lying down and generally not having a good day.


The Scorn release date has changed, which means that you will now be able to play the atmospheric horror title a week earlier.

The protagonist from Scorn on the start screen of the game. A gruesome man with scarred flesh and missing lips.


We had a chance to experience the opening hour of Scorn complete with creepy atmosphere, large puzzles, and a brief chance to test one of the weapons.

Scorn Release Date Revealed 2022 cover


Ebb Software has revealed the Scorn release date window -- you can expect this upcoming adventure horror game to launch on PC and consoles in late

Scorn Backer Update Apology cover


Ebb Software has apologized for a "poorly judged" Scorn backer update that upset some backers and spurred a wave of refund requests.

Scorn Header Photo, Three creepy statues of skeletons crumbling and staring almost directly at you through the camera

Game Page

Scorn, a first-person horror- adventure where you must traverse the dream-like universe utilizing weapons and tools to figure out exactly where you

Scorn Xbox Series X release cover


The Scorn Xbox Series X release announcement was one of the more intriguing reveals

Scorn screenshot.


At Inside Xbox Presents, Scorn was announced today. It will be on Microsoft's Gamepass and will be published at a unspecified date.