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The ensemble cast of cult fighting game The Rumble Fish 2


The Rumble Fish 2 has long languished on Japanese arcades, but after 17 years, the cult classic fighter is now releasing in the West this winter.

The Breakers

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an eight-player online survival multiplayer title where seven normal survivors will try to survive against Raider.

Artwork depicting some of the characters in Dragon Ball: The Breakers


A Dragon Ball: The Breakers release date has just been announced, along with news of when we can play the Closed Network Test.

Dragon Ball The Breakers Perfect Cell in flames


Dragon Ball has a lot of villains, but only so many of them would be a perfect fit for Dead by Daylight-style Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an eight-person online multiplayer title that have seven survivors against Raider. A Closed Beta Test will start soon.

sword art online fatal bullet review header


The fifth major Sword Art Online game, Fatal Bullet moves away from a swords-and-sorcery setting to a post-apocalyptic hellscape packed full of guns.

fatal bullet logo

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The fifth Sword Art Online video game, Fatal Bullet is the first time we get to play in Gun Gale Online. Now with third-person shooting instead of